Thailand’s rich cultural history, combined with the infrastructure and digital connectivity of a modern city offers a unique experience for IRC 2017 delegates seeking their next high voltage business encounter.

After the meeting, you may wish to explore the lush tropical jungles, beautiful beaches and small villages with deep roots that has shaped Thailand to become the country it is today. Alternatively, you may wish to experience ‘modern’ Thailand with a stay in a fast-paced Bangkok.

Regardless of where you visit, you will experience the hospitality of the Thai people who will welcome you with warmth and kindness.


With significant on-going infrastructure and economic development, coupled with the strategic location at the heart of ASEAN, Thailand is fast becoming a center of interest for businesses looking to expand and grow not only in the ASEAN region, but within Asia. 


With the recent loss of their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Thai people will continue to grieve for a man who has reigned the Kingdom for more than 70 years with love and dedication. He tirelessly sacrificed his time, his happiness and his possessions to walk through terrains and forests of this country to meet and help his people so that they could have a better life and education.  The King worked hard for his people, the fabric that has held Thailand together and the living embodiment of Thailand’s identity.

We welcome you to join the people of Thailand and pay tribute to our King and the Kingdom that he lived, protected and loved.