We have organized a complimentary visit to two luxury property projects in Bangkok for you in the afternoon of the 17th August, 2017.  The bus will leave the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center at 13:00 hour and is expected to return to the official hotels at approximately 17:00 hour.  Those who participate are advised to leisurely enjoy the tour and do not make any appointment that evening as you may decide to drop off at any point to visit our temples, historic places, or sample local shopping experience or test local cuisine or street food along the way.  Just tell your English speaking guide from World Travel Service, our appointed local travel agent, your wishes.  Believe us, for the adventurous minds, Bangkok is not too difficult to navigate and various modes of transportation are available for you to explore.

** This tour is based on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note that once the tour is fully booked, the Bangkok Properties Tour will not be shown in your account confirmation summary.  However, should you wish to be on this tour, you may try on-site, in case of vacancy as a result of no-show delegates.

** Seating is limited to 120 seats only.